Small Business Money Series

Create Change in Your Small Business

With major advancements in efficiency for small businesses, adopting these techniques is more crucial than ever. 

With inflation soaring you are left with two options:

  1. Put your head in the sand, ignore inflation, fail to adapt to the new technology and changing circumstances and ultimately get left behind.
  2. Adapt to the massive technological progress that has been made and make your business more efficient than ever.

The data shows that the best businesses are the most efficient ones. We cover this more in the first session of the course. This means it is more important then ever to streamline as customers are now viewing efficiency as an expectation rather than a bonus. 

In this 4-part series, we provide you with the information and tools to make your systems simplified, remain competitive in your target market and become a more efficient business.

We have 4 different sessions that cover:

  1. Common financial mistakes that hijack business efficiency:
    This lesson will cover what factors we are noticing that are impacting the market and what the common mistakes that hijack business efficiency are.

  2. Preparing your business for financial stability:
    Profit First and Thriday cover what you can do to prepare your business for success and what system you can use to secure financial stability for yourself and your business.

  3. Cash flow optimisation:
    This course covers how to stay ahead of the curve and maintain momentum in your business by utilising cash flow optimisation techniques. You will also be provided with a weekly checklist to use as a tool to remain financially efficient.

  4. Beyond financial efficiency:
    In this final lesson, we cover tips, tools and tricks we use inside our business to work efficiently as possible.

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